Diana Waters


  • Enlightened Equitation Teacher ( Distinction)

  • EA accredited coach

Diana Waters lives on the Central Coast, NSW. She trained and qualified as a riding instructor in the UK where she has worked at over 15 different riding schools.


She has always  been passionate about riding and teaching, but was unhappy with the normal way of riding, both in riding schools and competitions, where she felt too much force was used and the natural beauty and spirit of the horse was diminished as a result.


In 2004, Diana met international teacher and founder of Enlightened Equitation, Heather Moffett. Diana was inspired by Heather’s beautiful riding and ethical training, and enrolled on an Enlightened Equitation Teacher Training course. She attained her Level 1 EET  with a glowing report from Heather, and is the first person ever to be awarded Distinction. She is one of only three EE teachers currently in Australia.

Diana works skilfully and sympathetically with the horse and rider.  She teaches the rider to synchronise exactly with the horse’s movement, using clear and simple explanations. She teaches precise and correct application of the aids in conjunction with exercises that develop the horse’s confidence and balance without force. This results in a horse and rider that move in lightness balance and elegance, ready to excel in their chosen discipline.